Comment to 'Predictions for Social Networks in 2020...'
  • It's hard to predict, the world is unstable. But I still see a growing allergy against the monopoly and the power of mega-structures in different areas. Here in Europe, we see this strikingly in the field of information, people are increasingly leaving the Mainstream media in favor of smaller structures and above all independent of big finance and advertising agencies which more and more disconnect people from reality. There is clearly an awareness and a desire to return to the "smallest", the "homemade", the local, the real or ultimately passions are reborn. We see the same thing in politics, the same thing in terms of consumption, food and climate, I think everything is linked.So I think we should take advantage of this dynamism one day or the other, because it looks like the alternative has the wind in the back.

    • The future is hard to predict, but we are destined to try anyway. As the world gets bigger, it seems we are more drawn to be close to that which is familiar. I would hope for a balance, an awareness and acceptance of the macro dynamics, but a willingness to exist in our day to day micro communities.