Comment to 'Predictions for Social Networks in 2020...'
  • I second the sentiment of the previous posters on this topic.  I do have a concern with the trend by UNA for the LMS and MassMailer focus.  I wonder if this is driven by corporate customers asking for these two features.

    On the other hand, there are a LOT of improvements to be made to UNA to make it very competitive with the big SNs. Speed, Ease of Use, UEX, Instant messenger, photo handling, images in posts, previous and next on all content related apps, groups features (files, albums, discussions, events etc.. like dolphin) I could go on but it the new year..

    Anyhow, best of luck with the LMS and MassMailer but don't forget the other suggestions that I have made and see many others make over past months.

    • Actually Gary Sicard - most of the components for an LMS within UNA already exist, not all have been released yet and they haven't been packaged as a solution. UNA Mass Mailer also exists, it does requires some simple improvements to truly leverage it's potential as a tool for automated customer communications.So far as development of UNA goes, our emphasis this year is certainly upon improving what we have, rather than building shiny new things. Most of the points that you have touched upon will be addressed within the coming UNA 11 update.

      • Learning/Content is more of a strategic direction, rather than functional determination. This year we are definitely working on evolutionary updates - speed, UX fixes, better messaging experience, new media uploaders and viewers, etc. In fact, you’ll see a lot of improvements in v11 very soon.