Comment to 'Change App Colors of top Icons'
  • 1. All styles are in dynamicStyles at the end of App.js, however some items from header don't have styles, then you need to create new style, for example:

        myStyle: {
            color: red,

    and apply it where needed, for example:

    <Button transparent>
        <Icon style={styles.myStyle} name='search' onPress={o.onSearchMenu} />

     2. It's some sort of bug I think in the theme library which we're using for UNA mobile app, but you can try to play with this code (particularly with setBarStyle), by removing functionality for dark//light mode support and make it static, so it should work then:

            const isDarkMode = useDarkMode();
            var sBarStyle = 'dark-content';
            if (Platform.OS === 'android' || isDarkMode)
                sBarStyle = 'light-content';            
            if (Platform.OS === 'android')
            StatusBar.setBarStyle(sBarStyle, false);         

    3. Alexey could you please assist with this point ?