Comment to 'How to Monetize your UNA Website'
  • 1. If yout community is local. Go with events, makes enough to keep the online operations going. Plus people will be happy to pay. I've hosted 3 events in the past 4 months. Generating an offline community of 300 strong now. 

    2. Newsletter. Using a newsletter builder craft a sweet nuche newsletter with lots of site roundups. In the begining most won't be crawling your site for content. Bring it to them in a newsletter also go with extra stuff, what we're reading section, member features,  businesses whe're nuts about,  industry news, shower thoughts. Make sure its entertaining,  educational and inspiring.  Then after a while offer a premium for the whole newsletter so have a free section that they always get then have a pro section which you tease with an intro. I know newsletters making 8 figures. is making over 10 mil a year 

    3. If your site is a niche that a big brand would be interested in reaching. Bury yourself in growth and move for an acquisition or a gloabal sponsor. Think how brands sponsor sport teams. You'll get all your operating costs from one site wide sponsor 

    4. If you don't have a podcast , go out and buy a mic now.... like stop reading and go get it now. Using a raw block and embed code you can create such a native listening experience with comments. So easy if you know your audience you can even just start curating podcasts for them to listen to. Fishing community well, curate podcats around the industry and pick the best episodes.  Do this ahead of the launch of yours so you would have built in the habit of them listening to your podcast playlists.  So now when they think of " hey what should I listen to, they'll come back to your site " . 

    5. Position yourself as an authority within a topic and blog about on your site and become a consultant for said topic. This doesn't scale as well. But you'll be suprised at how many people you can servuce when you're an "expert in something " 

    Join my una pro site for the full list of proven strategies ........ ( see what i did their ... if this was my newsletter , i just hooked you...sign up for > pro here <. 

    I'll post more as I test, what works for me might not work for you but trial error and patience. 

    Pro tip: Forget ads, reach out to people directly and know your first members well. Aim for 50 that you know personally. ( yes this is harder than birthing a baby but you'll be happy with the engagement and conversation that is built on this) 

    Communities take time, so ensure you have a personal schedule that you can maintain for the long run