Comment to 'How to use Conditional Statements in UNA based on Badge IDs on the ACL view page?'
  • What about @AQB Soft Paid Levels Splitter. Works perfect for persons, based on the datalist system/sex.image_transcoder.php?o=sys_images_editor&h=1027&dpx=2&t=1674599132

    May be the organisation 'splitter' can be combined with a 'custom defined datalist'

    • Thanks for the suggestion but unfortunately the module doesn't split memberships based on badges. Also, I am looking for a simple solution if possible using the Raw block with some css, not really modules.

      • Yes, I know it does not, but badges is a simple datalist too. Why not asking AQB how to use THIS badges datalist instead of the system/sex list? Should be simple for them...

        But anyway, I understand your idea NOT to use additional modules. Hope you find a solution !