Comment to 'How to use Conditional Statements in UNA based on Badge IDs on the ACL view page?'
  • Hi @Alex T⚜️ Thanks for your reply.

    It sounds good but the only problem is the block can be hidden based on membership levels only (Standard, Premium, Moderator etc) not based on Badges.

    I have both paid membership level with a special pricing (50% Off) called "NGO" and a Badge also called "NGO".

    When NGOs create a profile, their membership level is "Standard". Then I will assign a bagde to their profile manually after reviewing their papers.

    There is no way to restrict the visibility of a block based on Badges. If I set the visibility of the block to the NGO membership level, they will still not be able to see it because, to begin with, their membership is 'Standard', They will need to paid/upgrade to the NGO membership level first to be able to see that additional block because it is restricted to to NGO membership level only.

    I don't know if what I have said makes sense.

    Any idea on the css to force show those membership levels to NGOs.? (Members with the NGO badge)

    Please help. Thanks