Comment to 'How to use Conditional Statements in UNA based on Badge IDs on the ACL view page?'
  • @OneEagle if it is possible we would suggest to use the Organizations module for NGOs instead of badges. In this case you will be able to use the Paid Levels Splitter module to show a filtered list of membership levels available for purchase based on a profile type (Persons VS Organizations).

    • @AQB Soft . Thanks but still that will not work because I will not be dealing with NGOs only, but with Businesses/Entites, Institutions also, They are all organizations and they will all use the organizations module (Organization profile). The only way I have to make a difference between them is using badges. I would like those special pricing membership levels to display to NGOs only, not to other organizations.

      Also as I have already said I don't want to use a module just for that. I would like to achieve it using the Raw block and some css or any other simple solution. Not a module.