Comment to 'Google closes Google+ social network after discovering a vulnerability'
  • I would argue that Google+ closed not because of data protection issues. Privacy breaches happened to Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Pinterest and many other sites - generally it didn’t make any difference. Google+ failed because they were trying to create a generic social network - something Facebook has covered and people didn’t feel the need for another “stay in touch with all your friends and share funny videos” network. They failed to offer a differentiating factor and simply didn’t have the numbers.  This privacy issue was the final blow to an already failing project. 

    If you want your community to thrive - choose a niche and own it. Make it the best place to, say, discuss how to grow mushrooms, or a community of ramen noodle fans - it will grow, it will be sustainable and meaningful. If you make a “me too” product - you’d be in same bit as google+. 

    • Yes you are right. We should create a unique thing.

      • That's exactly what I thought Andrew, Windows has had thousands of flaws, but that does not mean he's still there. Google + has never worked. No need to try to compete on Facebook, it's lost in advance. 100% the same analysis on my side. It is just an excuse to stop spending without losing face.

        I have often heard of Facebook as a reference here, and I do not want Una to work the same way, that's why.

        There is enough with a Facebook, now the proof is now there. that's why I thought that this article had its place here.