• Hello Baloo ,

    Sorry, I forgot to write a few clarifications.

    How it works now:

    Jot Messenger now is integrated to the Notifications module. It means that now you can get notifications about new messages via Notifications module and thus may select which methods to use. 

    As you can see on image below, there is email notifications option exists. This option can be enabled for new messages and then users will start to get notifications my email.   


    Notifications look like site's notifications, like on image below:

    About Maximum notifications number per member from one Talk during 1 hour and your example: 

    So if I understand correctly, if memberx1 speaks to me 10 x and memberx2 speaks to me 20 times in two separate conversations, I must receive 10 notifications in the space of 1 hour (setting on 5). 

    Yes, this options allows to set limitation for each member who posting messages to one talk, because otherwise if the talk is very active, you may get a tons of notifications every minute from different members about updates in one talk. I think, even if you get at least one message from one talk you may know that you need to check it for updates. Following your example, you will get total 10 notifications from two members about updates in two talks.

    Anyway this options may be modified if any problems or improvements. 

    Note about push notifications: Now you may send push notifications about new messages from Notification module also, but they have another titles then Jot push notifications. Notification module shows "New on Una" but Jot shows "Message from". If you like to use push notification from Jot then you just need to turn off Push notifications in Notifications module about new messages. We will correct it in future version for Notifications module. 

    I will add detailed instructions to the documentation for the Jot Messenger in the nearest time.

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