• Hello lu_cipher !

    I guess this is a good manual to install https://github.com/unaio/una/wiki/Installation . If you guess it has some missing spaces then please specify where.

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    • Of course ;-) you may just purchase any of our Cloud plan there https://una.io/page/start

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      • Am starting a major project for an important client and need following conditions met please:

        1) Privacy ( he wants a situation whereby the una logo would no showcase in any page of the site)

        2) He wishes to input his logo and his profile status about his company

        3) He wishes for a payment plugin called Paystack to be installed as his own mode of payment because he wishes to support the currency Naria

        4) He wishes to know how advertisement will be conducted should the case he intends to advertise for a company on his site

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        • Please I really need to know how to include a ¬†payment plan option for different tiers of membership an like una and also for other features

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        UNA - Social Media Software Framework