• I wish we could give the exact date. Too many features packaged in and anything can happen. It looks good though. 

    This is the last update until we switch to the release schedule I announced recently. Then we’d be simply preparing well in advance and culling features to meet the deadline. 

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    • Or break deadlines to respect the functions :-) Better like that. But also, an important thing. When you go to launch the first beta, there will inevitably be bugs, so many betas probably. We will need successive and fast updates as the previous experience has shown. I hope you will make sure before the launch of the first, to be available to correct quickly?
      You say "try cautiously" yes, but there are not many alternatives, to be really careful, you have to use a test site, but as you know, often big bugs can escape a long time as well. Most of them will be revealed in real conditions of use, it is the only true method to advance quickly, but for that it needs quick corrections.
      On a production site, a return to a backup is inevitably lost members.
      So if you can guarantee quick reactions, I would choose a method, if you tell me, this is unpredictable because it depends on big customers that can interfere, so I will choose another method.
      Do you understand why I raise this point?

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      • Excellent point Baloo

        With this update especially testing would need live action at scale. We will most definitely follow up very quickly with any required service updates (beta updates can come out within a day if needed). Still, backups are importan and can be configured to smaller increments during beta periods. 

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        • Ok, Andrew, I'm glad to know, so everything should be fine.

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