•     Hi Leonid and all other kind souls who are offering to help others in far away places.

    I am working with the new 10 beta. Everything seemed to update fine from 9.0.1.

    Yes, the Ocean Template for 10 worked perfectly in every way. So, I deleted my Protean module and installed a fresh one.... but all the problems remain on the Timeline. The Protean template works good with all other modules.

    I cleared all UNA and browser caches, of course.

    Is there some file in the Protean Template or in the TIMELINE module that I can replace? I think it must be a Timeline issue. The phrase "__item_content_raw__" only occurs in the Timeline Module. 

    ( timelline/template/type_post.html )

    How can I replace the Timeline module and not lose all my Cards (entries)?

        Much much thanks. I think a solution is close...

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    • It looks like we may have had some similar problems. My protein template had a 7% change which probably caused an issue because that's the module that would not update during the beta upgrade.

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