• Hello Tinboye !

    Seems your main current problem is in this part:

    "Once you are now at 9.0.1, you will need to edit the inc/classes/BxDolUpgrader.php again and add /beta/ to the URL like this:

    protected $_sUrlVersionCheck = 'https://v.una.io/beta/'; 

    Go back into your Dashboard and check to see if you now see a 10.0.0-B1 is available. If you do not see it, clear your cache and refresh the page.

    If you see the option, Click to upgrade to 10.0.0-B1. Your modules will again try to update and this time, it should be successful. " (c) Chris 

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    • I did what you said but now I get an error saying cannot update due to the file being modified.

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