• Yes Alex, that is the only explanation of the "modified" files which were copied via ftp. Ahhhaaaa!

    I use the Fetch ftp client for Mac. Can you offer any advice about these ftp encoding settings for a unix hosting server? Do I need unicode? Any other settings which might be affecting such a direct transfer of UNA files?

    On a related matter, what does this 'false' setting do? define('BX_FORCE_USE_FTP_FILE_TRANSFER', false);

    Should it be changed to 'true' if one were uploading a UNA file?

    Much thanks to YOU! I hope you are having a good day!

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    • otherperson you are welcome
      Preferred encoding is UTF-8, also you can upload/download all files in binary(not text) mode, so no modifications will be performed during upload/download.

      BX_FORCE_USE_FTP_FILE_TRANSFER - it's better to leave it as it is, it's left from Dolphin where modules were uploaded via FTP

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