• Yeah, sure. They said UNA is new - but it is a old car with new paintings. Some things - like the backend are very out-dated

    But my problem is more, that AQB Soft tries to tell me, that it will take 9 month to migrate a script THEY have written from Dolphin to UNA.

    I have not spend many time looking into the code - because i have an other way to work today - not coding by myself - but i guess i would have finished the job faster :-D

    9 month

    Do you have any good idea how to start a community with a matrix /multi tier affiliate program and points modul?

    I think for me the only way is not to wait any longer for AQB Soft - they are not thrustworthy - and to look if there is any option to run the community with old Dolphin or maybe another community script.

    Any idea? I really need the community to run soon. 

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