• i also agree with Baloo also you need to check your cron job is set up properly the MAILTO part is best used as that's the site email within audit but when it comes to email 1 you don't need to add the site email but that's best as its more professional to keep everything on the 1 application emails and all from your server 2 make sure you are in the right email if you have a lot of accounts with say 4 dif providers ie yahoo,gmail,so on and so on 3 e-mail will only be sent on a successful install so best waiting then refreshing as soon as the test disappears after it does just wait about 5-10 secs then refresh if you get stuck with site loading screen without it disappearing then it just means your sites cron is not working if that is the case i may be able to help further if you need be i was like you one time and after a while got mine to work 4 before you get to upgrading your site its wise to send a test email from audit anyways i am gona leave it here for now if you need help reach out i will help when i can where i can to try hopefully get this sorted for you


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