Comment to Dating module
  • A dedicated dating solution would be very much welcomed. We would love that. On the other hand, it shouldn't just replicate what others do, because then there is no compelling advantage.

    For instance, at Educated Singles we know a lot of well-educated singles are happy with being singles but they enjoy joining a community where they can hook up around professions, interests, etc. Then dating comes as a spin-off of that. Others, however, join with the prime purpose of dating. We need to have room for both, which makes UNA the best solution for that. But agreed, the dating facilities needs development and updates

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    • Any pre-configured solution - such as a Dating Solution - would be just a starting point - with a lot of the configuration done to support the use case, as Andrew Boon suggests in the case of a dating solution it would be focussed on setting up Permissions, levels, search forms and profiles. Essentially a lot of the early considerations would have already been done.

      Anyone who launched as site based up this solution would not be restricted to this - being a full UNA platform they could continue to develop, change design, edit search forms, menus add or subtract modules etc.

      Baloo - I think we will add save search to next update - Alex T⚜️ will confirm. :)

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