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Add new group options missing from all menus

Hello crowd,

I wonder if anyone else has stumbled across something similar and knows how to fix:

The option to Add a new group is missing from the entire site.
I first noticed it wouldn't show in the "Add new..." block and thought it's a permission issue.
In the end, I checked and it is missing throughout the site, for all users, including the Administrator.
Accessing the URL /page.php?i=create-group-profile works and I can create new groups, and permissions work appropriately (i.e. levels without "Create Group" get the correct message displayed.

I uninstalled/reinstalled Groups, cleared the cache, cleared the browser cache, no success.

Interestingly enough, I couldn't find the option to start a new Discussion here on una.io as well. Not sure if related but strange enough - as I had to use the same method (direct URL in browser address field)

Any ideas?

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    • Hello vibune !

      Yes, the strange situation with the Group Add link as the disable / enable actions should back it tonthe site. If you will provide me your UNA studio and CPanel access via the Messenger then I could review it.

      About Add new discussion link here - what do you have under the Add nee menu point here?

      • Hi Leonid
        Thanks for replying. Now that you mentioned it, I went to homepage and there is a link to add Discussion.
        My expectation was to find that options throughout the platform :)

        I can see options to add Discussion and Update

        I'll get back to you on accessing the system - need to consult with my system admin first :)

        Not logged in users can't 'Comments Post'.
        Cris Iconomu
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