Allow Standard members to send Friend request to private profiles


I've noticed, that standard members can't sent Friend request to members which have set their privacy to: Visible to: "Friends" although their settings for "Who can contact me" is set to Public and Who can post to my Profile is also set to Public. If both members set the Visibility to "Friends only", they can never become friends....

Where can I set the option that standard members can sent Friend request to any member? Or maybe not to members that have set their privacy settings to "Me only" ??

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    • Hello you can hide privacy options by developer app. If you understand what i mean.

      • This is not good solution. I think this is new issue after upgrading UNA. We want to keep privacy options as it is but there should still be option to send Friend request to members who have set their privacy to "Friends only" which is currently not possible.

        • Maybe yes idk

          • Hi all!

            We were considering that it is a fine way when the user with "Friends only" for "Who can see me" field doesn't have the "Friend request" button. But if he/she has the "Public" value for the "Who can contact me" field then other users may leave him the message via Messenger or Conversation apps and arrange about the friendship (or about the final ignore...).

            • Well it is a very strange...... ( if it is going to stay that way, we need to inform our members about that since it was not like this before upgrade).

              Also I strongly believe that this is not a good solutions. If a member set his privacy visible to "Friends only" the button for "Friend request" should be visible so that users who are not on members Friend list can become a friend by sending Friend request.

              • If I'm understanding this correctly, people that choose "Friends Only" for just the profile visibility, this hides the Friend Request button?

                If so, this field should not have any influence over said button, nor should the Who can contact me field.

                Profile Visibility should only allow/disallow viewing the profile contents, not hiding elements of the profile navigation UI.

                Who Can Contact Me: Should only tamper with the Message button.

                There really needs to be an additional privacy field that users can select to show/hide the Friend Request buttons across the site (Profile/Profile Cards).

                • Hi @LoneTreeLeaf

                  Yes, you understand correctly. If a member sets his privacy "Visible to: Friends" (other two possibilities are set to Public) then there is no posibility for members that are not "Friend" to send Friend request. And this is NOT OK by my opinion

                  • I agree, it just adds an extra layer of redundancy between users.

                    • Further more, if a member sets his privacy "Visible to: Friends only" then the privacy setting "Who can post to my profile: Public" has no effect since non friend can NOT post to that member's profile - they don't see that profile's timeline !!

                      • Not only that....; The problem is that someone who just become a Member of UNA site and starts to explore it this new Member can't send Friend request to no one with privacy set to "Friends only" ....

                        Now imagine that all users have set their settings to "Friends only"....., they will have a big problem finding out why they can not have any friends on the site....

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