an idea for visibility options

Hello UNA team and community,

By intensive usage of the UNA system during previous years, an idea of "tag based visibility options" (ACL) shaped in my mind. Let me explain with an example:

We have 3 permisson groups: standart users silver users, gold users

If there is a mechanism to tag users with specifications like lets say age, profession, city.

We have tags, 31-40 years, lisbon, dermatologist etc

And if we can define the visibility of any object like:

silver users + 31-40 years old + from Lisbon + dermatologist

In this case we dont need to create additional permisson groups and include the users in these groups. (I know multiple permission group will be available soon)

This seems like a more flexible way of showing objects to selected users. The benefit of this type of addition to ACL system will be huge for the site admins.

What do you think?

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