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Any chance B4 will be released this week?

Any chance B4 will be released this week? I have a lot to do on my site and make custom changes but can't do anything until stable release of UNA 13. A lot of stuff that's backed up

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    • Hello @Will Roberts !

      For this week the chance is too small. And plz don't duplicate the topic with the same subject.

      • Unfortunately I am asking for a time frame for a stable release. I am spending money on server fees for a product that I can't have people join right now. I also paid up front for app development on my site. Themes that no longer work. Apps that have bugs...

        I am trying to be reasonable and patient but us waiting we too need a general idea of final dates for stable release....

        For the Streaming App I paid over $100 just to find out that I can't use it because no plan exists on UNA Cloud.

        As for trying to do anything to my site right now my hands are tied. Anything I do will create even more bugs. I don't think asking for a more definitive release date is asking for much when I'm paying $100 a month for server fees and apps that I can't use. Sorry if that sounds rude but I don't know how else to express my frustration

        • There is a considerable issue with releases. I run 4 other sites. With either scripts from other script writers or have written from scratch, with coders, devs and others. I don't see why it takes so long for releases on UNA? I had one site built from the ground up and was done and running in a matter of months, with almost no issues. I'm not sure what is creating issues that it is taking almost a year for a script company such as UNA/Boonex to complete and update an already existing script, to a new version? I just feel the length of time is well overdue, for those patiently waiting.

          I to cannot keep telling members on site, be patient or its coming. I patiently wait for the release of the newest version of UNA. But how much longer?

          If I remember right... last year, this was supposed to be released in December/Januaury 2021-22?

          Just a concerned Site owner

          • I think the biggest reason behind these unreal, unthinkable delays in releases/updates is due to lack of funding, and they more than likely rely 100% on people with active subscriptions to fund the devs behind the scenes over on github.

            • Hello, December/January 2021-22? - But 13.0.0-A1 was released on Nov 17, 2021, 3 months left to get 1 year.

              Is 1 year for a major version unreal?

              UNA is not a site. If you're talking about a script like Una, then where can I see such a miracle?

              I had one site built from the ground up and was done and running in a matter of months

              I think if you show the list of all the changes made, your members will understand and be patient. How long between one version of PHP and the next? Just an example...

              • Comparing a scripting language being updated to a script that relies on it is like comparing apples to oranges.

                Your better comparison that you seemingly are not willing to look at are various other scripts such as Sngine that’s being worked on by one individual, pushing out updates like hot cakes.

                1 year, is indeed “unreal”.

                • Yes the script I have that was from ground up cannot be shared, do to its contracted federal level. But yes its much bigger then UNA.... Much bigger. The devs I use are good at there job for sure, but they are a dedicated bunch I hired for this specific script. and I misused the "Site", versus "Script ", sorry...

                  and it is a bit unreal yes, when a majority of the script is already there. There just upgrading it...

                  It just seems a bit slow is all, for the amount of people working on it. There doing great work for sure, I'm not knocking that.

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