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Are there any review option for market moudle add new product from user?

Dear una support:

         I want to build a mulitvendor market,i wish the vendor add new product must be reviewed by administrator, and then should be released,i can not find any option for the review,can you help me?

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    • This feature isn't available in market module, pre-moderation is available for Persons, Orgs and Glossary modules only.

      • hi Alex thanks for your reply,It is very important for administrator to manage the market,do you have anyother way to do the pre-moderation ?or are there any commercial module can do this?

        • We're going to add pre-moderation in the future - https://github.com/unaio/una/issues/2321

          However most probably it will not happen anytime soon.

          One possible solution for now to enable pre-moderation in Market is to set status to non-active by default by executing the following query:

          ALTER TABLE `bx_market_products` CHANGE `status_admin` `status_admin` ENUM('active','hidden') NOT NULL DEFAULT 'hidden';

          So by default market products will have hidden status, this status can be changed by admin/moderator only, so this could be some sort of pre-moderation.

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