Build in api question

Does this mean that I can have people from different types of sites be bought together into one UNA?

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    • Could you elaborate? API is for exchanging data between UNA and external applications securely. I can be used in many ways.

      • Evaluation of UNA: UNA's existing framework and development prospects have surpassed all current major social media platforms! Most enterprise users are willing to choose the UNA platform as their official main website or a website for interacting with customers!

        UNA bottleneck: Another restrictive factor for the slow growth of users that UNA being currently facing is usefully or customs modules extremely limited, making it impossible for potential enterprise users to choose! 

        Suggestion to UNA: Being slightly modify and improve the existing tool modules in the UNA platform, so that these selected modules can provide API interfaces that integrate with external websites and share member management systems and credits payment gateways systems! (The first batch of selected utility modules list suggests: 1. UNA Credits; 2. AQBSoft Points Systems; 3.AQBSoft Points Wallet; 4. AQBSoft CoinPayments; 5. AQBSoft Points Vouchers; 6. UNA Accounts Manager; 7. UNA Persons; 8. UNA API ...

        • I think I am trying to ask, what is "build in api"? What does that mean.

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