Bonjour, j’ai besoin d’aide !!

Comment désactiver le captcha?

À partir d’une base de données ou de fichiers.

Parce que je n’ai plus accès à la partie admin du site.

Merci d’avance

Hello, I need help!!

How to disable captcha?

From database or files.

Because I no longer have access to the admin part of the site.

Thanks in advance

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    • Hi @dreamlove

      As far as I know, Captcha is a not required to access your admin side. You can still access your studio even with this Captcha issue in the frontend through this url: https://www[dot]yoursite[dot]com/studio

      You are probably having this problem because you entered the wrong reCaptcha (from Google) public and private/secret key or you entered the ones from the hCaptcha (a reCaptcha alternative) while you set your UNA system to use reCaptcha or vice versa. I once made the same mistake. Please see:

      Which UNA version are you running? In any version previous to B4, Captcha settings are found in Studio > Settings > Site Security and in Studio > Developer. (You also need to select which Captcha to use in the Developer App)

      From UNA B4, all the Captcha settings were moved to one place: Studio >Settings > Site Security.

      Now, to answer your question on how to disable the captcha from the database, I can see that you meant the one on the Forgot Password page as shown on the screeshot, right? Please access your database, go to:

      'sys_form_display_inputs' table > sys_forgot_password, then change the value of 'Active' from 1 to 0 (zero) to disable the captcha.


      • bonsoir UnEagle

        J’ai la dernière version de UNA

        Merci pour votre aide, j’ai fait ce que vous m’avez dit.

        Il n’y a plus de CAPCHA

        mais je ne reçois pas l’email pour changer le mot de passe.

        Est-il possible de changer mon mot de passe sur la base de données.

        • Please try this:

          See the section: How to manually reset the password ?

          • J'ai reçu le mail, mais il me demande aussi le captcha pour valider mon mot de passe

            • Merci beaucoup, j’ai réussi à me reconnecter au studio. Bonsoir

              • To disable the captcha on the reset password page, you should do the same:

                sys_form_display_inputs' table > sys_forgot_password_reset, then change the value of 'Active' from 1 to 0 (zero).

                • Je t'en prie. Content de savoir que tu t'es reconnecté au studio.

                  You are welcome. Great it has worked and you managed to reset your admin password ;)

                  • Hello @dreamlove !

                    If you haven't access to the Studio but still have to the database then it would be much better to create new operator or update the password to the old one.

                    • Merci Leonides,

                      grâce à l’aide de OneEagle, j’ai pu me reconnecter au studio


                      • Hello,

                        I have two sites that still work with version: 12.1.0

                        because the update button is not displayed.

                        the problem in one of the two on the home page when you are connected I have this error message:

                        Notice: Undefined index: dimensions in /home/cp1663392p24/public_html/ on line 714

                        Notice: Undefined index: mime_type in /home/cp1663392p24/public_html/ on line 720

                        Notice: Undefined index: ext in /home/cp1663392p24/public_html/ on line 720

                        Notice: Undefined index: mime_type in /home/cp1663392p24/public_html/ on line 61

                        Notice: Undefined index: mime_type in /home/cp1663392p24/public_html/ on line 64

                        I compared the files with those of the other site.

                        They are identical.

                        Thank you in advance for your return

                        • If both sites are really identical then you may try to apply this solution:


                          • Good evening thanks

                            I just modified the file, it worked.

                            good evening in france it's 9:16 p.m.

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