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Cash payment for membership subscription

Really, not having cash payment module for membership subscription is a huge limitation. internet users should be able to make cash transfer, while admin confirm their membership upgrade manually upon payment confirmation. I wish i can have this done for me to solve the payment problem I'm encountering.

i have spent money building two payment gateway only for the payment gateway to denied my project access to their gateway

I wish i can have a payment gateway that will allow cash transfer for membership.

if i can see anyone in the community that will. I will be grateful.

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    • I have not herd anything abut this, please can someone help

      • hello @pillarcom yes it's possible. So much can be done on the Unaverse.

        1.) The buyer must actually initiate the transaction as if he wants to subscribe, then seller should check is pending order @ https://yoursite.com/payment-orders?type=pending to approve.

        2.) Another method is for seller to process as manual order @ https://yoursite.com/payment-orders. After client has made payment, click on "manual order", select the client, add order id (you can put any random characters or client payment no to serve as tran id), then select "paid level" and choose the membership item client paid for and submit to add.

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