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Change Form filling/structure to horizontal content "fields by fields" filling instead of all fields being structured vertically

In growing social communities nowadays and most popular social media, users dont like posting contents in vertical field structures, preferably introducing the fields horizontally one after the other till it get to "submit". It can be overwhelming and formal when seeing a vertical form/field to fill just to make a post and this reduces interest to post contents but if presented in a horizontal structure field after field, most definitely will great help site ease of use and content posting. Andrey Yasko Alex T⚜️ 

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    • Hello Stephen-Mystic Inam  !

      It would be interesting to show examples with the form with 10 fields on mobile devices too.

      • I have mentioned this a couple of times but never got a response. It has always bugged me how much space is being wasted and constantly having to scroll down vertically to finish something when the buttons could easily be side by side and take up less space and time. 

        • I too would love to find a way to save space. In most cases there seems to be way to much of this. Mostly on mobiles it's a big problem.

          • Sadly this hasn't been given much priority especially for mobile... hopefully the una team would considered this in v13 milestone Alex T⚜️ Andrey Yasko 

            • Vertical form is more universal, with mobile first approach, we designed it for mobile first and adopted to the desktop with minimal changes. Horizontal form will require almost every form to be re-inspected and corrected, which is almost impossible, considering how many forms and many ways it's used. It's possible for some particular forms, but it this case it's better to implement using custom styles.

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