Compile warnings for IOS mobile app

Has anyone compiled the UNA mobile app for iOS?

I've compiled the UNA mobile app for IOS and receive a NUMBER of warnings for glog, react, react libraries and outright deprecated calls in iOS.  Can we safely update react and associated libraries, ignoring the version specifications in package.json?  If not, when will the code for the mobile app be updated to properly support newer the newer library and IOS versions?  I'm compiling on Xcode 12.4 and targeted ios12.0.

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    • Good day. I am replying to this for new visibility. My concerns with the mobile app have not been commented on nor resolved. What shall we do with all of the warnings related to the UNA mobile app? It's been nearly a year! Is no one using a customized mobile app?

      • Latest UNA app v.1.5 was compiled in XCode 12.4, it's safe to ignore these warning for now, however updating React may require some additional changes and not always go smooth.

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