Cross app login using UNA credentials


I want to use UNA login credentials to login in to other CMS like opencart or other. My Una user should able to autologin to other CMS without going to login screen. And admin should able to map the user between both CMS Could someone guide me, I am considering oAuth, suggestions?

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    • Hello @anand83r !

      In order to establish a connection between the target site and UNA, it is necessary to utilize the integration app which facilitates integration through OAuth. Please note that we have already developed similar integration tools for various platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

      • Thanks for your info, Could you give me additional inform and direction on what I have do to to achieve the following use case. Please give me steps and solution.

        1. I want my UNA user to click on the link and the link should take them to a 3rd party app like Salesforce, Quick book and autologin using UNA attribute like First name, last name and customer ID .
        2. If there is new User in my UNA and on their first time click on the link to login to another app then the system should create autologin using UNA credential and allow user to access the 3rd party site successfully.
        3. In UNA OAuth2.0 module its mentioned as ther 3rd party app should also have "UNA Connect" configured, so do I need to develop a app like UNA connect in my 3rd party app as well?
        • Affirmative, the existing connection system operates consistently with your description. The attached illustration showcases the integration of services on the account's creation page. Additionally, the UNA Connect app is also available.

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