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I tried to plonk this simple question in the shot box, but the shout box never shows me the most recent messages, and when I try to scoll down or up it just plonks me back at message number '132' lol. So i will put my question here.

I am chaging the css on light mix on portan templet, but when I go into the custom css in the light mix settings, there is no way to save it, no button, nothing. I thought perhaps it auto saves but it doesn't do that either, so is there a save button in the custom css or do i have to do something else.

btw, its hard to create a new style/mix i just can't get htem to show up so i figured I'd go simple and just change the css of the existing bog standard mix. but nothing is ever easy when it comes to una :(


Someone PLEASE for the love of god make a 'how to make a new style/mix tutorial for dummys' and put it on youtube, you'd make a fortune and make me a happy woman at the same time

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    • Hello,

      You should see 'Save' button at the bottom of that page.

      If it's missing. It appears you haven't added a new mix.

      May we ask which UNA version?

      • Hello, As said @Cyberwolf

        You cannot modify the original, you must first create a copy like this:



        For it to be visible in the choice list on the member side, you will have to publish it. Then you can work on the copy and save the changes.

        • Been working on Artificer, three customs so far. These features are not available in Artificer. I went to Protean and realised, which is why I went back to edit and added "If it's missing". For other templates, Baloo's instructions is spot-on.

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