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According to our documentation (https://una.io/wiki/MySQL-cluster) this is how we would implement db clustering. Well explained though but I am still in the dark as this is all new to me. I do however according to my requirements need to have this configured because my user base will be across cities, countries, I might as well say a facebook like userbase. What I need is a clear step by step example particular to my UNA platform. If I could have separated my database for example into let's say communities, now spaces will help in this regard to separate communities, but if I could have stored each space on its own database or if some of our experts can perhaps give me some advice as to how this can be done.

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    • In this setup of Mysql cluster the whole database is always on each mysql host, so you have exact copy of Mysql Master on all Mysql Slave hosts.

      • Hi Alex, a big apology for the late reply, to start off with.... Many thx for the answer. Like I said in the question I posted, I am still new with database clustering and maybe I should keep it simple and later get the picture better. One master database, read and write and basically clone or instances of the master but read only. I take it load balancing will take care of the rest .... not sure but I get what you saying....Thx once more...

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