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Tell me how to make the cover (support under the avatar) the same for all users. If they upload their own, then it is displayed only on their page, in the general list a single one will be shown for everyone.

Question regarding section ... / page / persons-home

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    • I am interested in this one too.

      • Hello SOCIALNETWORK !

        You may disable the cover upload in the Add /Edit persons forms and then upload your own cover via the Studio->Pages->Persons->View Person page->Settings->Cover area.

        • Thanks,

          This function is known, but is it possible to do this: so that users can upload their cover, but it was displayed exclusively and only on their personal page, while a single background was shown in the list of users for all types and types of users? If this cannot be done in the settings, tell me which file is responsible for the output, and if it's not difficult - a line, we would enter the default background on this page into the code.

          • Ok, see the following situation:

            1) your users have the enabled  cover upload

            2) you uploaded the default cover for the view profile persons in the mentioned area (Studio->Pages->Persons->View Person page->Settings->Cover).

            In this case, all users will have the default cover on their pages like page/view-persons-profile?id=1. If you also need to have this uploaded default cover in the page/persons-home then you need to change the background image URL for the following CSS class:

            .bx-cover-wrapper {

                background-image: url(../images/cover.svg);


            via the Custom Styles area of your template.

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