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Disable sharing to other services?

What’s the easiest way to disable all the social network sharing links throughout UNA v10.x?

As in remove all the....

  • Share in Facebook
  • Share in Twitter 
  • Share in Pinterest

Links in all  screens.

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Replies (6)
    • Go to navigation and disable them.

      • Studio> Navigation> Menu


        • Hi,
          OK, the links are empty - it is impossible to share. But in every post you still have this option to "Share ...", even if it's impossible. Is it possible to hide this option on all sites, posts,...?

          Thanks a lot!


          • Hello walhalla !

            The "Share" block for every post can be disabled via Studio->Pages->Posts->View post page area.

            • Hi,
              OK, it worked! Thanks a lot!

              One more stupid question. I know, it is more or less OT here but combines because is a manner of "deactivate" something else:

              Is it possible to "deactivate" this system of "friendship"? Or better, trying to explain with an example: lets assume we have two (o more) groups. The football - players and the volleyball - players. My goal is to have all footballers and volleyballers in their corresponding group.All the footballers should read / see the articels for footballers - not only those who are friends. On the other site the footballers should not be able to read or post (disturb ;) in the volleyball - group. And yes: being a member of the corresponding group should be mandatory.

              Was playing around with it - but without success. OK,eighter it is impossible - or I didnt find in the deep of the configurations?

              Thanks for any hint - and sorry if it is the wrong place here!

              Cheers Walhalla

              • Hello walhalla !

                It seems requires to changes in code - the user should choose the necessary group during profile's creation and then he/she will join the chosen group automatically.

                Not logged in users can't 'Comments Post'.
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