Embedded Videos are NOT centered in Discussions or Posts Mods ?

I was wondering if anyone has this issue, everytime I embed a youtube Video in Posts or Discussion it gets right justified and I can't figure out how to display it on the center..Here is a sample of my Post:  Click here to visit my Post  -  As you can see, the picture on top is fine, but the Video below it is all the way to the right, users can't even see the PLAY button.. Could some help please.. Thx !

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    • Hello AJ Fariss !

      THis embedded video generates own style with the set big left margin (550px !important) for the .bx-base-text-entity-content p:last-child, .bx-base-text-entity-content h2:last-child, .bx-base-text-entity-content h1:last-child  CSS class. You may try to reduce it via Custom Styles area of your template mix, but it's better to check the embed settings.

      • Thanks LeonidS you actually gave me hint as to what I was doing wrong. 560px is the default width from youtube, but I changed it to 760px to make the video bigger and now after I set it back to 560px, the video is still not quite in the center, but at least the users can see the PLAY button and see video.  Thanks. 

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