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Experience report of una software

I made a conscious decision to use una software to create a community for adults.

Compared to other platforms, it seemed to me to be one of the best, which provides a huge range of functions and is the best to expand.

In the meantime I have invested a lot of time using the software to build my community and now I have to say for myself that after almost a year I can say that it is precisely the little things that cannot be implemented using una software, which is why I decided to do so to switch to another platform.

Even if I will miss a lot of great features from una, the restriction with many small things is an important point to give priority to another solution.

With all of the great features from una, I miss little things such as fully customizable forms where you can, for example, choose the gender in a contemporary way, i.e. not male and female but also various.

Another point is the lack of possibility on board or a possibility to implement this yourself, that you define the relationship status as a couple and e.g. only keep a user profile available from a form with details about the user.

Unfortunately, too much time is invested in high-quality extensions at una and such rather small additions are left behind.

Therefore I unfortunately have to orientate myself differently.

Otherwise una is a very good solution for simple communities.

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    • Hello Franz Knittl !

      First of all, thank you for sharing your experience of UNA's use. But I was a little confused with this part: "for example, choose the gender in a contemporary way, i.e. not male and female but also various.". Did you meet troubles to add/remove the current variants? I'm asking because it is the standard procedure in the Forms app.

      • Sorry for the gender confusion. This only works in the form app I miss e.g. the possibility to display a corresponding badge in the profile.

        The biggest problem that made me desperate is the lack of the ability to differentiate between a single profile and a couple profile. So with a couple profile that there 2 detail forms e.g. one detail form for the man and one for the woman can be integrated.

        That is rather very weak for a community platform.

        But otherwise, as mentioned, good software.

        • I think UNA is the best social network script.

          It is highly customisable and scalable.

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          Franz Knittl
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