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Fear of failure

As an artist I had always a kind of " fear of failure" feeling to release an album or a movie to the public nothing to do with self esteem or lack of confidence etc...it's a healthy emotion because I knew that once my art was out it won't no longer be mine it belongs to the public yet with a platform or a site it has to do with responsibility and commitments I guess it has to do with service as well hmmm...I think I should not overthink the outcome and consider to launch a site as a piece of art to overcome that "fear of failure" or a drop_out because in the end it's not about me. 

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    • I can related even though I am not an artist.  My past issue was wanting something to be exactly how I envision it to function before making it public and this held me back.  I was then reminded  that one should take the plunge or we will never get anywhere.  And so I did, not with this project which I have just begun to revisit,  but with two other online projects. 

      Go for it! 

      • Thank you Simon, I guess the best say is" let's cross that bridge when we get to it" but first master the craft at least the basics, I mean as a designer or a developer. 

        • I'll draw the line with wanting perfection if I was in a civil engineer, which I am not,  and my work depended on people's safety, e.g. bridge construction, plane manufacturing or coding for such applications, etc.

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            Khaled Elkebich
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