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Froala Editor Installation or Integration

Hey everyone,

I need some guidance as to how we go about installing or integrate Froala Editor into our UNA platform. I've read up on some of the articles posted but just couldn't get the answer I was looking for.

In the same breath.... I wish to design some nice pages to add to my collection and currently use third-party software outside my UNA development environment and later on use the html output together with its associated css and js etc. files, to incorporate it to a page using the custom widget etc.

There are some coding standards that we need to follow and I just can't get myself around it. I've also noticed that external css files like fonts. googleapis can become an issue when used in our templates and perhaps by third-party software resulting in overwriting one the other.

Any advice....bare with me as I am still a newbie and learning, so forgive me if any of the questions seem odd or so.


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