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Google Ads

I have been speaking with Google about ramping up advertising using their Onboarding services. In order to do that someone on my side needs to have access to the "source code of the web site" by FTP/Admin Panel access (which I do not) and they need to install these services on the web site:

TAG Manager

Google Analytics

Web Conversion

Web Call Conversion

Ads Remarketing

They say that if these cannot be installed at the time of the call, the plan and services cannot move forward until such time that they can be.

I do not have FTP access. I had it when I was running Dolphin but once I switch over (I chose a hard closed, no migration, and new launch) to UNA I discovered I no longer had an FTP/Admin Panel.

My main questions are: can these Google services be installed on UNA 12 or the upcoming UNA 13? Would they work on UNA if they can be coded in? Do any Mod writers have comparable programs to use?

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    Ronald Slaton
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