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UNA is excellent, but we are not going to make it our main tool of life. I have a question for the team, if it's already possible, give me the information?

      Est-il possible de partager ou de publier un article dans plusieurs groupes en même temps?

NB : I just modified this message, I wrote it with error, I am French speaking, and here I just have to express myself in English, sometimes it is necessary to translate. I wanted to say that `` we are going to make this our tool of life ''

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    • Hello hans !

      By default - no, every content item belongs to one group. It's better to use channels with for this purpose.

      • Posting directly to multiple groups can’t be done for because of privacy issues and attribution of reactions. For example, if you post to a public and a private group (or a public group that’s changed to private later) - and then the item is commented on - how do you show those comments from various context? You can aggregate them because in different contexts the item is displayed to different audiences... there’s also a problem of displaying context attribution in feeds, etc. You can repost one item to different groups but that would create a new update post for each effectively and that how it’s normally done by most social networks.

        Channels are more like attribution tags - they are always public and therefore don’t have contained audiences - so we can attribute one item to multiple channels. 

        • hello Andrew Boon m thanks for replay, 

          How to repost for example an ad already posted in group A and repost it in group B, see C, D and so on

          So in groups where a user is a member, what button does it do?

          • Hello, LeonidS 

            Imagine that someone is a member of 10 groups, and has posted an ad in one group Directly, he must be able to share it in the other groups with 1 click, or he must post the same ad 10 times?

            • I am looking fir this feature too but Una does not have it. Hopefully soon

              Not logged in users can't 'Comments Post'.
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