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Groups List Page. Could they be alphabetized?

Say, if there were groups for 50 states or 200 countries, if they were in order it would save users a lot of time and from going page to page.

Thank you for considering this idea!

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    • Hello Canine Domesticus !

      If you mean the page like this page/groups-home then it's better to add the new method with sort by the groups' names. And it would be nice to add the new tab instead of using the currents (New or Top).

      • Good. Yes, https://una.io/page/groups-home is the page listing all groups which I was referring to. 

        If there were just a few groups, it would not be an issue. 

        Personally, I believe the groups list look best as alphabetized, by default. Groups that need to be made prominent can still be Featured or New and appear first in the list.

        Good to hear from you, Leonid.

        • Actually that is really not enough.  So even if they are alphabetize and sorted and you are viewing a group for Texas how do you get to the Tennessee group which would  be the next one? You go back to group-home and then go several pages to find Tennessee and then click.  

          I have repeated asked for a back and next button when viewing this type of content.. albums, groups, posts, Events, Articles, etc. all should have back and next buttons.

          • Good idea.

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            Canine Domesticus
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