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I'm curious about one thing. when I surf one from one menu to another why does the browser need to reload the header if it is the same? This thing on a big web site consumes a lot of resources on the server for nothing.

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    • Hello Olariu Romeo Vicentiu!

      May you please specify your request with more examples: from what menu you jump to another (and specify this one too) and what headers should be kept during these jumps.

      • Especially the toolbar but the point is valid for the entire site, why the broswer has to reload the whole page when it can to replace the content section of the page with the only new content. 

        Very much content on the site is static and does not change. I do not see the logic of always making requests to the server for the same content that has not changed at all. 

        EXEMPLE: In the discussion forum, browsing is done quickly between menus because reloading is done only for the new content and not the entire site.

        But there are many sections of the site where navigation experience is totally unpleasant.  For example, if you are browsing the MARKET menus every time you click on a menu, there seems to be a quake over the market title that is missing little and crashing over you. already my eyes hurt

        It does not look like a professional site at all.

        If I were to be an environmentalist I would say that such a change would reduce the carbon footprint. But I am a manager and I think more about the money thrown out of the window by the whole community. And I think even more about the user experience, which translates into a slower navigation than is possible with the technology we have at our disposal.

        • Thank you notices, could you please describe it in more details, particularly difference between Market and Forum navigation, for me - the navigation experience and the speed is very similar in these 2 modules. Could you please explain it in more details or if you can provide screenshots it would be great ?

          • this problem has not been solved after so many years, I sent you a video privately, i cant post video

            • As you navigate through the menus, only those elements on the page that require loading should be loaded, not those that are already the same as the previous page. This prevents excessive consumption of resources. A site with few users is not a big difference, but if you have tens of thousands of active users, the difference is felt. Plus it's annoying to see that the whole page reloads as you navigate through the submenu

              • There are plenty of times where you might want to refresh only part of the page's content, leaving the static content to be, well, static, and refreshed at the user's discretion. Reloading an entire page on a user can be jarring, confusing, and doesn't make for a great user experience and sense. refreshing just these particular areas of a page is a good option. This way, you can make sure your targeted content is updated, without alienating any users. exemple https://whitefoxcreative.com/developers/ajax/using-ajax-to-reload-only-a-div/

                • @Olariu Romeo Vicentiu every time page is need to be fully reloaded, mostly because it's for compatibility issues, how it was build. To make it work as you described will require very dramatic changes in UNA, however we're trying to find the way to make it possible.

                  • function reload(){
                        var container = document.getElementById("yourDiv");
                        var content = container.innerHTML;
                        container.innerHTML= content; 
                       //this line is to watch the result in console , you can remove it later	console.log("Refreshed"); 
                    <a href="javascript: reload()">Click to Reloada>
                        <div id="yourDiv">The content that you want to refresh/reloaddiv>

                    I found a code related to this problem, I don't know if this could apply only to the html interface, or if changes in the php files are also necessary. I think these changes should be made in cascade, on different levels in a pyramidal sense from the root to the last block on the page, as a backbone that manages all load events in all modules containers and html blocks. the main javascript that controls the loading process should have a variable to which different divs from the pages being navigated can be included. If all the divs have an id this is simple. I would give them a scalar id name like this fb.1.1, 1.2, 1.11, una.1m.1.2, moz.12d1, etc.1 or something easy to identify the provider and the level depending on the number of punctuation between characters. and javascripts could act on levels or point by point where needed I don't think it is difficult for those who know how to work with these functions. It is certain that this modification will add considerable browsing speed and a much reduced consumption of resources and also a much more pleasant experience for users. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/10841239/enabling-refreshing-for-specific-html-elements-only

                    • Thank you for the suggestion, but actual implementation would be much more complex.

                      • Thank you for the suggestion, but actual implementation would be much more complex.
                        I would like it to be functional in a natural way, it doesn't matter that it is simple or complex. I have been waiting for years for boonex to become a professional script. But the result is that the sites made with this script are from the 90s. I bought 5 licenses about 10 years ago but I still don't have the courage to put online a site generated with bookex/una. I tried several times but I had too many complaints from users and too many errors. It seems that you still have work to do to get a professional script. I
                        t probably won't last long. When will this functionality be ready?
                        Thanks have nice day
                        • I still remember that I bought a script from the market that was supposed to find the users' friends and suggest them. After I installed that script the script suggested to add myself to friends. 😊 A sad parody.

                          • A simple page speed report shows us how much work is left here https://pagespeed.web.dev/report?url=https%3A%2F%2Funa.io%2F&form_factor=mobile

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