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How does Hot Spot work?

Something escapes me with hot spot. I thought I understood that 'Timeline settings' in Timeline settings included elements that were newer than x hours and could be retrieved in the "Hot Feed (Timeline)" block

But I tested this, yes I get the elements marked "Hot" in this block, but I do not understand why they are marked "hot".

So my test said 48 hours and I have older items than that. So he remains a mistery.

Some explanations on this subject please...

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    • Hello

      1. 'Enable Hot list aggregation' setting enables the feature.
      2. 'Interval of time (in hours) to get Hot events' setting means that aggregation will use events (actions) appeared during the last 48 (by default) hours. 

      Currently Date of Creation, Date of Last Comment and Date of Last Vote are used to calculate Hot List. Aggregation is performed by cron one time a day.

      • Hi Anton, thank you, I thought I understood :-)

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