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How to setup 3 Subscription Plans - same duration, different prices

I would like to offer 3 different Subscription plans on my site. All plans are monthly but with different price each.

When I try to add a second monthly plan, the system tells me 'Similar pricing plan is already exists.' How can I solve this?

I don't really care for Premium or Start. My plans are intended for every member regardless of membership level.

Thanks for your help.

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    • So, this is an example of what I'm looking for:
      I would like to have three subscription plans (like Basic, Silver and Gold). All plans are monthly but Basic costs $10/month, Silver $20 and Gold $30. It would be very similar to the plans of Google One (sorry, can't post links here).

      • Hello 

        It's not a problem. You have 3 different membership levels and they can have pricing plans with the same duration. You cannot create pricing plans with the same duration for the same membership level. So, you just need:
        1. Create 3 membership levels (Basic, Silver and Gold) in Studio -> Permissions.
        2. Create monthly plans for each of them in Studio -> Paid Levels.

        • Many thanks Anton, I'll explore that solution.
          I see that the system was developed to sell membership levels, which limits the sale of other things. It would be ideal to disassociate membership level with duration, to be able to sell several things with the same duration to the same membership level.

          • Hello. You are welcome.

            I wonder, why do you need the following?

            to be able to sell several things with the same duration to the same membership level

            Do you want to be able to sell 1 month of a Premium membership for $10 and for $100? I cannot see the purpose of selling exactly the same 'product' but with different prices.

            • The thing is that I’m not really interested in selling membership levels, but for example if I want to charge a $5 monthly subscription fee to members (any membership level) for joining a Group and a member wants to join two Groups. How can he/she pay for that?

              So in this case the product would be Group monthly subscription, not a Membership level.

              • Hello. Current version of Groups app allows to use Paid Join. Group creator/admin may add pricing options for his group and users would need to pay before join. Each group may have its own pricing options, for example, Group 1 may sell monthly subscription for $10 while Group 2 will sell monthly subscription for $5. In this situation we have different groups with the same durations and it's not the same as "to sell 1 month of a Premium membership for $10 and for $100".

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