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I do not understand how video upload work ? The post where video has been uploaded disapears...


I do not understand how video uploading works. Do I need the "Video" app to be able to upload videos ?

I have a standard UNA installed with UNA CoreApps, and I've tried to upload (not embed, but upload) a small  video (890 ko) in a blog post and in an album as well, but I keep on getting the message "Scheduled for publishing as soon as video conversion is complete" and the blog post or album is not visible afterwords (even after many hours). This is done as an "Organization profil".

Did I miss something ? A setting ? Do I need to change a parameter somewhere or am I missing a part ?

Thank you for your help.

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    • Hello Miroslav !

      No, the Video app isn't necessary to upload videos to the post, it has own video processing. But you should have the working Cron Jobs. It can be checked via Studio->Dashboard->Server audit, the line there like "Last cron jobs execution" should have the value not so far form now.

      • Hello LeonidS,

        Thank you very much, there was no cron job execution due to a mistake in my cron job script. For some reason the path to php was wrong, most probably my mistake since I have installed UNA on my test environment ...
        It works fine now and thank you again.

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