Install una on wamp

I try to install unw on map for safe development purpose. Ive copied una files to localhost but i get error of not exist. Someone have experience this?

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    • Hi, I'm running both Dolphin and UNA on WAMP on my local Windows 10 computer.Could you explain your problem in more detail?

      • its something related to url 

        1st bx_check_redirect_to_correct_hostname(true) ---> error (then i  comments it)

        2nd $sRet .= $oFunctions->getManifests(); ---> error (then i  comments it)

        3rd basically there is a url problem 

        $aUrl = parse_url($sUrl);

        $aUrl['host'] ---> return null always 

        • Let's begin from bx_check_redirect_to_correct_hostname.Why does it produce an error? Can you echo some variables from inside that function? (it is located in inc/ example echo BX_DOL_URL_ROOT, $aUrl['scheme'], $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'], $aUrl['host'], $aUrl['port']

          • echo BX_DOL_URL_ROOT - gives the root url

            $aUrl = parse_url(BX_DOL_URL_ROOT);    

            echo $aUrl; - gives null 

            • echo $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] - > localhost 

              echo $aUrl['host'] /['port']/ ['scheme'], -> nothing

              ( ! ) Notice: Undefined index: host

              ( ! ) Notice: Undefined index: scheme

              ( ! ) Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by


                On seriously malformed URLs, parse_url() may return FALSE.

                Try to echo what parse_url returns.

                • it's ok now, i had to set prefix "http" in BX_DOL_URL_ROOT in


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