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SOLVED - Installation has been successfully completed - "Go to Studio" link points to a NOT REACHABLE Internet-Address

This is just information for the developers:

In the installation step, "Installation has been successfully completed" the "Go to Studio" link points to a NOT REACHABLE Internet-Address, namely to "https://studio" (Note the missing "/" before the word "studio") as can be seen in the following screenshot (https://prnt.sc/2x4B9k2CeXRE), which obviously leads to "This site can’t be reached".

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    • Hello @AntiChecker !

      Sorry, but the screenshot was removed :-( Could you provide the URL of your installed UNA?

      • I have added the screenshot as an attachment and hope that it is large enough, the original size is 58904 Bytes!

        • I apologize for any confusion, it appears that my previous suggestion regarding the presence of a second-level domain was incorrect. To further discuss this matter, could you kindly provide me with private access to your UNA studio?

          • I guess that I cannot give you private access to my UNA studio, as calling https://<mydomain>.com/studio/launcher.php delivers a blank screen, and the "Internet-Browser" > "Developer tools" > "Console" issues 7 messages as can be seen in the attached screenshot.

            And it seems that one of the problems here is that "BxDolStudioLogin is not defined" and the other one is the missing "/" between "https://<mydomain>.com" and "gzip_loader.php" as can be seen in the attached screenshot as well, indicated by a yellow highlighted foreground color.

            Any idea why all this happens?

            • Then try to check the following lines in your UNA inc/header.inc.php file:

              define('BX_DOL_URL_ROOT', '[my_url]'); ///< site url

              define('BX_DIRECTORY_PATH_ROOT', '[my_path]'); ///< site path

              Do both constants have the / sign at the end? If not, then try to add it and clear the content of the cache and cache_public folders.

              • Thank you for your answer, both the problem and the solution can be found in my answer in the discussion "SOLVED - Link with UNA market - UNA key - Error - Please, input valid data here.".

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