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Installation problems

Hello everyone.

I need some help if possible:

I have installed una.io v.13.0.0-B4. All was lets say ok, but unfortune i get this black page after installation.

From what i recall from them time when Dolphine was around and used it, i know that after installation, i have seen the entire template and no only parts of it.

Thank you in advance for the help.

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    • Has something to do with core job or deflate_module or what can be ?

      • isnt that dark theme option...look in the footer...design?

        • well i talk about all the tabs that dont appear, being dark theme or not is not a problem for me. Only template that i see is: Launcher - Designer - Protean (default). If i go to Launcher - Protean - Settings, i can change the color. But not color is my problem.

          • If you mean by tabs, like the one you have ( people) then you need to add modules from studio side....

            • i need to manualy add every tab like in this picture just to have a normal functional template ?!?

              I dont recall doing so 10 years ago when i first entered in contact with Boonex...

              I understand about editing tabs, menus and so on, but now is a blank template.

              Or my english is bad...and im realy sorry for it.

              And the picture from this message is not the main?home page of the old website from what you see, is "Members" section. Picture taken from internet to be more clear of what i expected una to look after installation.


              • now you have just a shell. you go to studio then apps market and choose modules based on your idea. Free or paid. If you want to have Groups, download that then go to downloaded link and install it from there. Then groups tab will be shown.

                I think it was easier to deal with dolphin, than with una. but it gets better.

                • WoW, just WoW, just a shell...

                  I can say i understand what you say now.

                  Damn it, then i dont get it why "they" talk about template and show dont know what pictures of it when is literaly a shell with nothing. This can go from easy to use, drag&drop how was in past with boonex templates, up to needing a web dev or web designer just to set up my tabs, actions for them and make a at least decent home page.

                  What it what and what has remain from boonex.

                  Thank you Nurke !

                  • Yeah it is very confusing when switching from dolphin to una.. but it is very much the same way of moving blocks around. you will get the hang of it.

                    • Hello @suspectu !

                      Yes, confirm like you have been told by dear @Nurke (thnx, mate!). So you have installed the basic UNA package with the Persons app.

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