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IOS MobileApp Crash

I'm trying to get the native MobileApp running.

I've completed all the steps but when I build/run the app in the simulator it stalls at the splash screen and goes no further.

The build completes with no errors (only 4 warnings).

Any idea anyone?


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    • It seems to be working now. I had to restart the “Metro Bundler” but not sure why this caused the app to crash. I’ve had a few random crashes since but it works most times now.

      • What is your opinion on it?

        • Early days as yet but seems ok so far, running in IOS & Android simulators

          I’ve not purchased Nexus on my site as yet so currently using it on on MacBook via simulators back to UNA.IO site. It runs pretty much the same as the app on my phone back to UNA.IO  

          Its seem straight forward to setup a development environment on MacOS although the instructions are very slightly different from the ones given and the video on UNA.IO. I think because React Native has been updated.

          Only weird thing I’ve noticed is I have to close the Metro Bundler window (part of React Native compilation/execution process) each time I want to run the IOS simulator else the UNA app crashes on startup (see image) but this doesn’t seem to happen with the React Native demo app. it’s a minor thing though.

          Also there are some warnings displayed even when it runs correctly. This also happens in the Instructional video on UNA.IO but it doesn’t tell you how to get rid of them. I’ll post a question on that. 


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