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Is it possible to change place on "post to feed"?


2 Questions!

1 Is it possible to place the "post to feed" box above the other info boxes? It do not feel natural to scroll down to write since static info are of less interest to us?

2 Is it possible to set change "post" to default on front page instead of album? (This is fixed - options in navigation menu)

Replies (2)
    • For the first question: from Studio > Pages > Persons, select View Profile page. From there you can move blocks around or hide the ones you don't need...

      2nd ? i don't understant it...

      • Awesome! Thank you very much! 

        The second question is solved (I found it after a while) it is where we write posts on the frontpage when logged in! If not careful it created an album

        Thank you again!

        Not logged in users can't 'Comments Post'.
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