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Issues after Upgrading to UNA 13.0.0-B3

Hello UNA Team,

After successfully upgrating my site from UNA 12.1.0 to 13.0.0-B3 using the Update button in the dashboard as explained here: https://una.io/cmts-view/9b488l?sys=bx_forum&cmt_id=41824 , i am having some issues:

Issue #1

I am having a Database query error on this page:


The log email I received said:

Database error


SELECT `sys_profiles`.*, `c`.`added` FROM `sys_profiles` INNER JOIN `sys_profiles_conn_subscriptions` AS `c` ON (`c`.`content` = `sys_profiles`.`id` AND `c`.`initiator` = 3) INNER JOIN `sys_profiles` ON (`sys_profiles`.`id` = `c`.`content` AND `sys_profiles`.`status` = 'active') WHERE 1 ORDER BY `c`.`added` DESC LIMIT 0, 7

Mysql error:

Not unique table/alias: 'sys_profiles'


The error was found in getAllWithKey function in the file /home/xxxxx/public_html/xxxxx/inc/classes/BxDolProfileQuery.php at line 168.



Issue #2:

I am having a 500 Internal Server Error on the Admin Frontend Dashboard,


Issue #3:

Missing Strings in:








Also, in the account Pop-up (at the top right corner of the page), just after the Sign Out link:


Please, how to fix these issues?

Many Thanks

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