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1. incorrect working with logo header.

2 on timeline update and comment sections, when try to upload a pic or close uploader/popup, a fog overs the whole site. Likewise on closing any pop.

3. on commenting to a post, when try to click to upload image, it doesnt respond on click. Also when try to comment to the first post on timeline, the text editor doesn't display out (both issues observed with the Admin membership level and work fine for other level meanwhile all permission are in check correct)...same issue persist with conversation module.

4. issues with title text on page blocks being cut off e,g, a block with title "My Photos" reads as "My Ph..." 

5. Issues with messenger, replication of chats on chat list.

6. Incompatibility with third party modules: unable to browse all pages in 3rd party module via studio

7.Database error in notifications app via studio when "group setting" is enabled

8. Design layout in blocks aren't displayed correctly especially on mobile view

9. On timeline update, when record video for upload, e.g a 0.24mb video was recorded, file size is displayed as "0.24_sys_uploader_record_video_mb " 

10. Messenger: connection created between desktop with mobile app or vice versa still doesn't work fine

11. Personal video chat via profile to profile doesnt work correctly

Alex T⚜️ LeonidS 

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